Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Bomb Hypothesis

Ehab El Sheemy

The Hypothesis that the Russian plane was downed by a bomb planted by ISIS makes everyone a winner !

It leaves the door wide open for Russia to escalate its military intervention in Syria, but this time with a more justifiable and acceptable reason .. Retaliation for the victims.

On the other hand, The Bomb Hypothesis will serve the strategy of the British and American propaganda against Vladimir Putin. A strategy that will promote the idea that the Russian citizens are now targets for ISIS because of their leader’s improper intervention in Syria.

As for France and Germany,  The Bomb Hypothesis is their best scenario to escape what could be a lethal shot right into the heart of their owned Airbus Group if the crash was due to inflight structural failure.

The Bomb Hypothesis also serves the objectives of ISIS in Egypt. The Militant Militia will claim that Sinai is under its domination, and that its fighters can penetrate and easily pass through security procedures in Egypt in their way to achieve their ultimate goal .. The declaration of the so called Islamic State in Sinai.

But Ultimately, The Bomb Hypothesis serves the Muslim Brotherhood propaganda against the 30th of June Regime. A regime that  is delegated and elected by the majority of the Egyptian People, and supported by the power of the Egyptian Military to bring peace and security after a year of suppression and unrest under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohamed Morsi.

Should The Hypothesis become a fact, the only loser among all these winners shall be no one but .. Egypt