Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Attack Beneficiaries

Ehab El Sheemy

In spite of the fact that most of us might think that ISIS is the sole beneficiary of the   terrorist attacks on French Civilians in Paris last night, it seems that the list extends to include many others ..
Being the only legitimate military force on the ground in Syria, Assad and Russia are on the top of the list. The French decisions makers are now considering an alliance with them against ISIS in Syria. If they have done it before in WWII with the Bloody Stalin against Hitler, why not with them  against ISIS ?
On the other side of the Atlantic, and despite the emotional speech of solidarity and sympathy with the victims just minutes after the attacks, Obama seems determined to use this event to apply more pressures over France and European Allies to deploy more troops and ground forces in Syria.
Looking East, this attack would strongly support the radical positions of the East European Governments that refused to give refuge to thousands of Syrian Civilians  who fled the raging war in their homeland to safety in Europe. A decision that was based on fears that ISIS members might be among the refugees.
Across the English Channel, another beneficiary is at 10 Downing Street. Cameron is no more in need to justify the long lasted “ Severe Threat Level “ security status that enabled him to deploy and apply strict security and surveillance procedures all over the UK, and most important of all, the large amount of budget that is allocated to cover the cost of the military support to the United States in the Middle east and Afghanistan.
Down to the South, Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya will make use of these attacks to highlight the obligation of the free world to support them against the great and present danger of ISIS. A danger that should be bottled-up before finding its way through the northern shores of the Mediterranean right to the heart of Europe.
The only and greatest loss here, is that of those who lost their beloved ones for nothing but allowing the expansion of terrorism for the sake of the super powers lousy political and influential considerations in the Middle East.