Friday, October 9, 2015

The Persian Dream Movie Series !

Ehab El Sheemy

Amongst all sorrows, sufferings and misfortunes that outline the scene in the Middle East, I can see nothing but the overwhelming success of the Persian Dream.

The Mullahs of Tehran managed to deceive the Hawks of Washington to grant their Proxy Government in Baghdad the main role in the new season of the popular Iraq fragmentation show. A reward that comes in exchange of concluding an agreement on Iran nuclear program that also includes lifting the western sanctions program.

On the other side of the World, I can hear the loud laughter of the Mullahs All the way through the Kremlin’s Corridors as they plot the scenario of another movie with their Russian comrades. Being part of the same series, the second movie plot is all about persuading the Americans not to eliminate the threat of ISIS, but rather to decrease its power and geographic expansion to avoid creating a space that could be filled with Pro-Assaad Militias .. A scenario that eventually would pave the way for the Russian Military to take over the role of the Syrian People Savior.

What is kept for last by the movie makers here, is that The Russian Savior will not target ISIS legions only, but will also wipe out all Anti-Regime Opposition Forces and Pro-US Organizations to keep Tehran’s Ally and Hezbollah Militias on the top of the pyramid of power in Damascus.

You may find a lot of difficulties to understand the deceptive contradiction between the roles of the same actors in the two movies. But on the other hand, You will easily figure out that the link between the two plots is how everyone is eventually serving Tehran’s Men of Turbans Dream.

A dream that demands the violation of the sanctity of the Arab Lands, Skies, and Lives.